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Wanna be Enterprise?

FAS Network provides consulting, design, supply, implementation, support and training services in the following areas to provide the best experience in using services tailored to customer needs. our services: cloud, data center, security, enterprise networking, collaboration.


AIM Software Technology (Advanced Infrastructure Management) is and advanced software systems for intelligent and graphical monitoring of network and data center and all services which are available on the network 24 hours a day, providing network administrators with editorial discretion.


PEM is integrated monitoring solution for data center, it include 4 big infrastructure monitoring systems:

1. Power system (UPS, UPS battery, power
distribution, generator, PDU, etc.)
2. Precision/split air condition system
3. Environment system (Temp, humid,
smoke, leakage, gas, dust, etc.)
4. Security system (door contact, access
control, CCTV)



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